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Classic Elegance

In this Master Bathroom Remodel the clients wanted something bright, beautiful, and classic.  The space was not massive and we wanted to capitalize on as much natural light reflection as we could.  We also wanted to open up the shower area that had come to feel cramped and enclosed.  The original finishes included dark woodwork, colored ceramic tiles and deep colored wallpaper.  After exploring a number of tile options we decided on a marble-look porcelain.  The porcelain would be a much more durable product over the natural material and would also provide better traction on the floor.

Opening up one wall of the shower and adding clear glass also gave the space a more airy appeal.  Laying large scale tiles on the diagonal also visually expanded the space.


Detailed accents and moldings added finishing touches that brought the space to a more elegant level.


Adding a few more decorative accents such as glass knobs, furniture legs on the vanity, and beautiful fixtures gave the bathroom a custom feel and a polished appearance.

We packed so many more wonderful details into the space that this post even has room for!  We’ll explore some of those exciting additions in the future!

Much thanks goes to Bond Tile & Stone and Grakat Glass for helping make this bathroom come to life!


One comment on “Classic Elegance

  1. Tammie
    October 10, 2012

    Wow, Sarah…you truly are amazing. l especially love the glass knobs and molding…beautiful!!!!

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