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Crowning Glory

On a recent trip to Germany I was privileged enough to tour some of the country’s finest castles and palaces.  Each step brought more admiration for the level of detail and craftsmanship loaded into even the most minute of spaces.  From inlaid wood floors, to carved moldings representing different themes, to the spectacular painted ceilings depicting saints and honored heroes.  It was inspirational to say the least.

Nymphenburg Palace, Munich

Arriving home I couldn’t help but feel as though my spaces were…well…plain.  Certainly the style of King Ludwig II or Louie XIV are not, perhaps, the design direction I would head in my own home, but they have their brilliancies that can be applicable even in our modern homes.
Lets take ceilings for example.  Most times ceilings are…boring.  They are white, covered in that funny bumpy stuff, and usually punctuated by a light fixture or two.  Ah, but they can be so much more!  Check out some fantastic ideas below on how to engage that mysterious 6th plane of your home! Whether a ceiling is covered in reclaimed wood, painted with a bold pattern, upholstered with damask or graced with architectural detail, a little love and attention goes a long way!

Ginger Barber House, Courtesy of Patricia Gray Interior Design

Graphic Ceiling Design

Mini Barel Vaults with whitewashed brick via ChicTip

Rustic Beamed Ceiling via Eclectic Revisited


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