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Beyond the White and Wood

Who says that kitchen cabinets need to be white or wood tone?  In so many regards the kitchen is the heart of the home.  So much time is spent here and for so many families it’s the hub of daily life.  And it seems that no matter what you do when entertaining, everyone seems to gather in the kitchen.  You don’t limit your personality to one or two dimensions…so why would you limit such an important element in one of the most important rooms in the house?  While cabinetry is definitely becoming more fun, creative, and functional, it’s still too easy to get stuck on the “white or wood” question.  Here’s some great examples of a few ideas outside that box.

Gray is the new classic.
If you’re not ready for the bold or the modern but tired of white, gray is both classic & edgy, comforting & inspiring.

Gray Cabinetry

If you’re of the bold and daring, perhaps something like this may be up your alley:

Modern Miro Cabinets

If you’re like me and prefer a more coastal feel, something featuring fresh colors and frosted glass may be more suitable:

Coastal Kitchen

Or for the artsy appeal, something featuring unique colors and open shelves may be just what you need:

Plum Cabinets

And for the ultra-suave, only black will do!

Modern Black

Whatever your kitchen personality, the world of cabinetry holds exciting and innovative options for you.  Next time you’re faced with the cabinetry dilemma, think beyond the white and wood.


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