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The Well Dressed Man-Dog

I have a confession.  I have a boring collar.  I’m not a collar snob, in fact, most days I don’t even wear one.  Frankly, like most guys, I like to be as free as possible.  But when a guy goes out he wants to look his best.  Plus I know the chicks dig it when I look good!  So I did a little research to find some good guy-dog collars.  There’s plenty out there for the ladies…flowers and gemstones and leopard print and all that.  Yeah, yeah.  But I want a manly collar….so here’s what I found:

For the classically well dressed man-dog:
Check out Dean & Tyler Dog Products.  These guys have high-quality leather collars in great designs that will definitely win your dog best-dressed.

Italian Tailor Black

If you’re a little more rustic:

Brass Plate

For the bold man-dog:
This company Around the Collar does some really awesome designs.  You can even custom design AND they’re all made right here in the USA.

Leather Disc Collar

For the black leather jacket type:

Black studded collar

And for the guy who’s got a great sense of humor, this leash is a must:

Sausage Dog Leash

Be sure you outfit your man-dog with the appropriately manly attire that he needs.  No more cutesy stuff!



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