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While lucite & acrylic furniture is nowhere near new to the design industry, it sure seems like it’s horizons are expanding.  Most of us, if you’re familiar with lucite furniture, are very familiar with the “ghost chair”.  It’s ever classic lines paired with the edgy material made it an early and easy hit with designers & clients alike.

Lucite has continued to develop, change, grow, and expand into new territories.  It’s ability to contribute to almost any interior remains true.  Great for small interiors because of it’s translucent nature.  Great for large spaces due to it’s sizable personality.  Great for old and new spaces alike.  Just as with all good things, less is usually more with our friend Lucite.  Too much and your space begins to look either commercial or like something out of a sic-fi novel.  Too disconnected and people may start to wonder if you really know it’s in your house.  Here’s some fun pieces you could incorporate into your space:

A set of these at your kitchen breakfast bar:

Calligaris L’eau Barstool

For the stylish home office:

King George Desk

As a small splash this side table is perfect:

Stone Side Table

And for the daring parent:

Vetro Crib

Whatever your space, a lovely lucite detail may be just what you need.  Don’t write it off as too modern or funky.  A little goes a long way and can be just the transition you space is begging for!


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