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Before the After

Before pictures are sometimes more exciting than the after.  Most times people only look at the before so they can be wowed by the after.  I often like to look at a before picture and try to guess what the designer will do with the space.  A before is like an adventure about to be taken, a story about to be written, a song that is about to be sung for the first time.  The opportunities are endless!  How can you even bear the excitement!  This is why most designers are secretly nerds.  We see sheetrock & 2×4’s and get excited…we can’t help ourselves!  Here are some before’s of a project I am currently working on.  It’s a lower level bathroom in a contemporary home waiting for it’s personality to unfold.


Never mind the screens…just look at that blank sheetrock!!

Vanity Wall

Yep, you guessed it…the tub is going.  But don’t be fooled – the tile draping over the side is not a hint!




Our friend the dog is making sure that the toilet rough in is up to code.

Window Wall


Stay tuned to see what LifeStyle Interiors is up to as this before becomes an after!!!


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This entry was posted on October 24, 2012 by in Projects.
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