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Enchanting Sands

I just got back from attending my beautiful step-sister’s stunning wedding in Cancun, Mexico.  I love so many things about the beach and the ocean; from all over the world, not just tropical paradise.  The ocean is such an inspiring entity – I run out of words when I try to describe it.  Theres something hypnotic about the breathing of the waves, the complexity of the colors, the sound, smell, and feel of the saltwater.  It takes only a moment and I am completely lost in my infatuation.  On this particularly wonderful occasion, as I watched my step-sister float down the beach, dreamy-eyed for her groom, I became absolutely enchanted with the color of the sand.  Or was it her gown?  The two melted together as the sunset shadowed the beach.  Beautiful.  I was so struck by the color (and the remarkable match they were!) that I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since!  So naturally it sent me into a hunt for other things that reflect this calming and serene tone:

Balsa wood roses

Hadrien Sofa by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Living Space

Sable Horta Polished Stone Water Jet Mosaic by Artistic Tile

Possini White Cloud Light

Yukon – pursuer of awesome

Neutrals need never be boring.  They should always be inspired, and what better inspiration than nature itself.  Cheers to beautiful beaches, inspired living, and mostly to my beautiful step-sister and new brother-in-law!  Congratulations!


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