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Tile Discovery: Part 3

Well, now that you know all about the different types of tile and can talk about it like a pro what else could there possibly be?  Well, if you’re a tile nerd like me there’s really no end to that answer! But if you’re more normal, the only thing that’s truly left is discussing the most popular tile layouts.  Truly there’s no limit to the possibilities, but sometimes it’s nice to start with a few basics.

Straight Set:  Lining up all the tiles so that all of the grout joints are straight.  Can be done with any single size tile, even rectangles:

Straight Set

Brick Set/Subway Set/Running Bond:  This is where the joints are offset from one another.  Can be used with squares or rectangles.  This pattern can help visually widen or elongate a space depending on the direction it is laid.  It’s called a soldier stack when installed vertically.

Running Bond

Diagonal:  Setting tiles on a 45 degree angle to a wall.  This pattern can help a space look larger by visually ‘tricking’ you!  Diagonals generally lend themselves to a traditional or transitional style, but not always!

Diagonal (with glass dot!)

Pinwheel/Alternating Step:  This pattern uses 2 square tiles of 2 different sizes.  But it works no matter what those 2 sizes are!  Great pattern for adding visual interest to a space.  Be careful on walls, though…it can sometimes make you feel like the wall is leaning!

Pinwheel/Alternating Step Pattern

3 Size Alternating Step:  This one you need to make sure that the sizes DO work together and add up properly.  A popular combination is 6×6, 12×12 & 18×18.  Smaller sizes can be used for walls.  This is a great pattern if you have a large space and want more visual interest.

3 Size Alternating Step

Versailles/Ashlar:  These are two very fancy words for multi-size patterns.  There is no ‘standard’ pattern or sizes used.  Check with your showroom, designer, or tile setter to figure it out!  Sometimes tiles are sold in these patterns which makes it somewhat easier.

Versailles Pattern

Well, those are the basics, but check out these other fun ideas!

Plus Mosaic by ModWalls

Herringbone by Artistic Tile

Classic Basketweave

Savoy Penny Round by Ann Sacks

If you want to see some truly spectacular tile checkout Evit, an Italian company specializing in fantastical tiles that will spark your imagination!

There are so many more, but hopefully you’ve had fun and learned a lot more about the weird & wonderful world of TILE!!


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