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Happy Endings

One could say that each sofa or chair is like a story.  Each one has a beginning, an enticing line, fabric or pattern that draws you in.  Then, as you proceed further you find yourself immersed in the arms of down.  You sink in and feel the weight of your worries melt away as you lose yourself in the plot.  Engrossed you can’t help but enjoy the texture of the fabric and the smell of your favorite scented candle nearby.  Pretty soon, you find yourself so immersed in the story that you can’t pry away.  But how does it end?  I happen to think that endings are sometimes more important than the story itself…or at least can make or break a great tale.  One should always pay particular attention to the ending, never forgetting it’s deep importance.  Since I am a romantic at heart, I love a happy ending.  Here are a few happy endings for your next story.

Forsyth Side Table

Flattery End Table – Drexel Heritage

Baotou Table – Century Furniture

Metro Luxe Chairside Table

Chest by Decorative Crafts

Olympic by DIA

Cheers to your happy endings!


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