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Rocky Mountain “Before”

Sneak peaks are always fun.  Especially when one is near the peaks of the Rockies.  I have the privilege of working with a fantastic couple in Denver, CO on their kitchen remodel.  The space is not huge, nor is there a lot of room for expansion.  The couple do some significant entertaining during certain holidays and would love a space that is more ‘user friendly’ and efficient for larger scale prep and cooking.  The dense tile flooring is hard on them physically and the inefficiency and lack of storage in the space has finally become an issue that can no longer be ignored.  Enter: LifeStyle Interiors LLC!  I will be working to create a space that provides more efficient working areas, additional storage, surfaces that are updated and user friendly, and an environment that they can enjoy for years to come.  Check out their before’s:

Kitchen "Before"

Kitchen “Before”

Breakfast Nook "Before"

Breakfast Nook “Before”

Entry from Garage

Entry from Garage


Sink & Working Space

Stay tuned to see how LifeStyle works to accomplish the client’s goals for the space!!




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