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Silver & Gold

One of my favorite things is watching old industry standards fall to the wayside.  For instance, it used to be in fashion that one would never be caught wearing black & brown at the same time.  Now not only is it perfectly acceptable, but we are enjoying the full benefits of combining two of the moodiest and most luxurious colors together.  In design, it’s mixing metals.  When once it was unacceptable (and unthinkable) to put bronze and silver or gold and nickel in the same space, now not only is it acceptable, but downright lovely.

In the spirit of the season, LifeStyle recently put together a delightful mixed metals centerpiece for a client’s Christmas table.  The result is a glimmering, joyous, focal point for the most festive of gatherings!

Mixed Metals Centerpiece

Mixed Metals Centerpiece



Whether you’re celebrating in traditional fashion or pushing the limits of holiday standards I wish you and yours the most blithesome holidays!  A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!!!

Love,  Sarah (and Yukon too!!)


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