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Coping Skills

About this time each year I increase my mental escapes to my souls happy place to cope with the hideous cold that I am surrounded by.  One would think that after having lived in Minnesota for 25 years that I would acclimate to the winters.  Sadly, no, for me acclimation has successfully dodged my grasp.  Since I have had no success in the last decade trying to persuade my husband to flee this place, I am stuck.  I won’t be defeated, however!  Sure, single digit temps and below zero wind chills make daily existence a deplorable chore, but I have a secret coping mechanism!  I know a place where my soul lives that smells of hibiscus and salt water.  A place where the sweet air,  the sea breeze, and the freshest exotic fruits and coffees envelop me in their delicate arms and invite my soul to breathe.  That place is Hawai’i.  I have had the privilege of traveling to Hawai’i on several occasions and truly I feel I come alive when I’m there.  It takes but a moment and I am as content as any human can possibly be on Earth.


Since, sadly, I won’t be moving to Hawai’i any time soon I do feel it is important to surround myself with those things that encourage my soul to breathe.  It’s important to remember that ‘themes’ rarely work well and trying to insert the tropics directly into Minnesota is simply awkward & uncomfortable for everyone.  So how does one incorporate the life-giving elements appropriately to such an environment?  Well, here are a few ideas.


Adapting colors appropriately to each region is important in maintaining design integrity.  Lighting around the world changes as dramatically as the landscape, so therefore colors change as well.  What looks great in Hawai’i will look goofy here.
Yellows are the most light reflective of all the colors in the spectrum and therefore a great option for one trying to up the sunshine factor.  Here are a couple of good ones.

Devine Ewe

Devine Ewe

Sherwin Williams - Iviore

Sherwin Williams – Iviore


Much of Hawaiian architecture and furnishings are in the gorgeous native woods that exist on the islands.  I love painted wood, but incorporating a mix of natural woods and painted woods give a space character and interest.  Here are a couple of great pieces that fuse a little modern with a little island and are all class.

Honolulu Table by Honolulu Furniture Company

Honolulu Table by Honolulu Furniture Company

Gorgeous custom piece by Honolulu Furniture Company

Gorgeous custom piece by Honolulu Furniture Company


Adding living greens to your home not only improves the air quality, but also gives one the feeling that even though everything is grey & dormant outside, inside there is still liveliness and hope!  You don’t have to use palm trees either!  Sometimes palms can even make a space look too ‘theme-y’.  Find whatever works for your lifestyle, lighting, and make sure they’re pet and child safe!

American Rubber Plant

American Rubber Plant

Wherever your soul breathes there are elements that can be adapted to your current environment to create an inspirational interior that keeps you going even in dead of winter!


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