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Needful Nesting

I don’t know if it’s the change in seasons, a change in taste, or simply a change in view but I have been experiencing quite the need for nesting as of late.  As a designer I am constantly bombarded with the beautiful, delightful, ‘magazine worthy’ interiors of my dreams.  I get to take spaces from dull to amazing and stand back and sigh as I listen to the joy of my clients as they take in their new space.

Like most people I have a running list of things that I would like to eventually do to my living space, though typically my list is not urgent.  Most of the time I can enjoy the surroundings I have without envying the ones I create – I’m content!  I live in a modest place that is quite homey, yet far from magazine worthy.  And lets take a moment to realize that homes in magazines are about as real as people in magazines…staged for the moment, polished to perfection, and then they return to the usual paper piled, dirty clothed, toy strewn homes we all know and love.

That contentment, however, seems to have shifted and it appears as though my designer mind can’t stop pondering the possibilities!  As everyone is, I too am on a budget and would like to stretch my dollars as far as they can go.  So what does a designer do when she wants a big change on a small budget??  Take a look!

***Before starting anything***  There are 2 things that need to be done before beginning anything…well sort of three – but we’ll call it two because that sounds better.

1)  Decide the scope of the project.  Am I re-doing a room, a wall, a level of my home?
1a)  Make a plan.  I need to decide what I wish to accomplish, make a plan for style, color, and a list of things I need/want in my space.  Without a plan it’s highly likely I’ll get distracted and off track and my  space can become a mish-mash of randomness.

2)  Make a budget.  It stinks, but everyone has to do it so I know where to put my $$!

THEN get started!  Here’s some things I start with to make a space pop without making my budget bust:

1)  Paint!  I love paint.  It’s cheap, it’s easy, it makes a HUGE difference!!  Paint not only changes the feel of the room with color, but also makes it feel clean and new.  Holes get patched, scratches get covered, smudges dissappear.  It’s like magic!

2)  Artwork.  The key here is scale.  Get something LARGE enough.  So many times people want to buy a little something to make their space more fun…the problem is that it’s little and it gets lost!  With a few dollars and a little vision you can find a great piece for less than $100.  This frame is from Ikea and the print was a gift.  Lots of great prints can be found all over the place.  Websites like even have ways to search by color, style, size, etc.

Framed Print

Framed Print

Another artwork idea is to take an inexpensive cork board, cover it with linen (or another favorite fabric) and frame it!  These frames came from Hobby Lobby and look fantastic around my pinboards!  Well, they will look fantastic once they are complete – but this gives you an idea:

Framed pin-board

Framed pin-board

3)  Window Treatments.  They can get expensive fast – but they don’t have to!  A new set of curtains in a great print can be found almost anywhere.  With the right hardware they will completely change the look of any room.

Farrah Fretwork Window Panel from Target

Farrah Fretwork Window Panel from Target

4)  Light Fixtures.  Great light fixtures don’t have to come at a great cost.  Swapping out a standard ceiling light for something like this won’t cost much, but will make a big impact!

Possini Light Fixture

Possini Light Fixture

5)  DON’T buy just because!  If you’re in the mood to buy but you’re on a budget be sure you love what you’re buying first.  If it doesn’t fit – don’t buy it just because you want to buy something!  Double check return policies as well.  This will keep you from stashing up unwanted accessories and wasting money and time on things you simply don’t need.

I know I have my list going!  Double check yours and happy nesting!!!


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